1. This is my 2013 demoreel, hire me ! i can do cool creatures and many more stuff !


  2. Other veeery cool internal project at Mickey Did it : gather all the characters of previous Mickey projects in one animation, welcoming the new commer.

    I did the two last shots animation, most of the character rigs (i loved working on Iota/Atoi from tearaway !), cloth simulation, shading, lighting and rendering, and 2D animation of the hotdog.



    for Samsung Smart TV, it was an interactive experience in the Mediamarkt in Rotterdam. I did the rigging, muscle rigging and some animation + vfx. Coolest project I worked on last year in Amsterdam :)


  4. This is the first comercial I’ve worked on when I was in Amsterdam, I did all the petal simulation and the buterflies with maya particles.


  5. I worked on the Trex for this interactive experience at the Mediamarkt in Rotterdam !

    Rigging, Animation  and Creature FX :D


  6. Peperoni is now swimming !

    tell me what you think and like it on vimeo if you can, thanks ^^

    now it’s time to find a job !!!


  7. Last project at Mickey did it for Krasloten ! I did the rigging, shading, lighting, rendering, some animation and the dynamics. My fav part is the clay effect i worked on for the shading, it gave me a lot of pingu and walace & gromit feels :3


  8. hello i’m peperoni i’m cute

    Edit : there’s a video now https://vimeo.com/80320323

    thanks for all the notes ^^


  9. looks like somebody has a functional rig now <3

    with a cute non flip arms and legs and some new way of dealing with twists on joint chains without ikSpline, takes longer to make but is waaay more flexible and stable than the bloody ikSplines. (also i’m proud of my spine, i tried to make my ikSplines controlled by a classic fk and wow it works better that what i used to do for spines, the curvature is just more round and natural)

    still missing facial rig and fingers, but i just want to animate now !


  10. Personal project !

    WIP roughly from maya with texture seams not fixed and all, but i’m having fun experimenting with transparency and mental ray sub surface scattering ! i still have a long way to go but i’m happy with the veins in the tails

    gonna take a break from shading and rig this baby ! his name is peperoni :3

    (hey only 3 minutes rendering in full HD with sss and FG yo)